Virtual Plant offers Consulting and Engineering services for the entire life-cycle of a project, utilizing the most advanced tools and technologies for integrating intelligent solutions.

1. As-built 3D | Laser Scanning | Engineering Documentation Software CAD/CAE

As built 3D for Operations and Maintenance

The technical documents of many industrial units represent a large liability due to them being out-of-date in relation to the needs of the field. This ends up generating various problems in the day-to-day operation and maintenance of the plant as well as the execution of projects of improvement. Our services are aimed at eliminating this liability within industrial units and creating an Organizational Asset. To achieve this, our projects span disciplines such as Process, Piping, Equipment, Instrumentation, Engineering of Metallic Structures, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Air Conditioning.

As built Pré-Project (Brown field projects)

We aim to provide all the basic information necessary for Basic and Detail Engineering Design using precise and organized data, eliminating conflicting information within the project and construction.

As built Post-Construction Assembly

Service performed after construction and assembly with the aim of checking and updating the documentation of the project according to the way in which it was built.

3. Consulting

Project Management and Integration

Integration and optimization of the diverse disciplines of building projects, with the goal of avoiding delays and interferences. To better serve the needs of the client, we aim to increase efficiency especially in relations to deadlines, quality, safety, project cost, building cost, certifications and approval of projects in conjunction with the appropriate bodies.

Construction Management

Our approach is based on a proactive model, to offer support and solutions to problems which could impede the completion of the project within the established deadlines and budgets.

Environmental Consulting

In keeping with our mission of sustainability, Virtual Plan offers Consulting Services to help implant a System of Environmental Management, internal auditing, preparation for GRI, licensing activities, and environmental management of building projects.

4. Laser Scanning – Heritage Sites

Using high-definition laser scanning it is possible to complete an assessment and register in three dimensions, the exact shape of the structure. This technology aids in the restoration and preservation of Heritage Sites.